Investigations against individuals employed in the health care sector are increasing rapidly. In addition to "classic" investigations against physicians and caregivers based on allegations of failure to render assistance or negligence due to an alleged treatment error, more and more cases that target the financial aspects of the health care system are being investigated. Accusations of billing fraud, embezzlement, as well as (since June 2016) corruption in the healthcare sector occupy entire special departments at public prosecutors' offices.

Medical criminal law is one of the key practice areas of FS-PP Berlin. We regularly represent hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, medical professionals (medical assistants, nurses, MTAs, etc.) as well as employees in the pharmaceutical and health care sector in criminal and administrative offence proceedings. We also represent physicians and pharmacists in professional law proceedings as well as in licensing law and disciplinary proceedings before the Medical Board or the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV).

In recent years, our attorneys Dr. Vogel, Dr. Auffermann and Dr. Frank have advised and represented a number of well-known hospitals, MVZs, laboratory associations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and professional practice associations.

We support our clients in every situation determinedly by utilizing our extensive expertise and experience. The primary goal of our pre-investigation counselling is to identify risks at an early stage in order to prevent the initiation of preliminary proceedings. If proceedings are pending, we help you to exercise your rights under criminal law at a very early stage of the proceedings in order to avoid a public trial.



Dr. Sebastian T. Vogel