The experts at FS-PP Berlin offer pragmatic solutions without bureaucratic hurdles for designing moderate money laundering compliance processes. Our solutions are designed to minimise regulatory risks, leverage existing processes, not scare customers during the identification process and thus not prevent business. Our team of experts has extensive typology patterns and experience with industry-specific risk factors.

The professional management of legal risks is indispensable for relieving the management from accusations of organisational culpability and avoiding reputational damage. FS-PP Berlin supports with the following solutions:

  • Full outsourcing of AMLA risk management
  • Defence in administrative fine proceedings
  • Support and representation in official audits and controls
  • Money laundering risk analysis
  • External Money Laundering Officer
  • Partial outsourcing of due diligence and identification (KYC, CDD, sanctions list checks, adverse media checks)
  • Legal opinions on AML obligations and privileges
  • Case management: review and submission of suspected money laundering reports, communication with supervisory authorities, public prosecutors, BKA, LKA
  • Education and training
  • Independent audits, GAP analysis, audits and special audits
  • Documentation and archiving
  • Implementation of processes and guideline management (AML guideline, risk analysis, KYC templates, internal safeguards, work instructions, typology papers, Q&A Anti Money Laundering, whistleblowing)



Dr. Niklas Auffermann