The compliance team of FS-PP Berlin develops, installs and accompanies compliance management systems for medium-sized and smaller companies in the economy and the public sector.

This is done according to the principles of modern project management, which ensures precise cost control for our clients. We work strictly demand-oriented according to the standards IDW PS 980 CMS, ISO 37301, ISO 19600 in conjunction with. TR CMS 100, 101 , so that certification of the CMS can be sought at a later date.

Practical experience in setting up compliance management systems has resulted in a pool of templates for compliance documents that allows us to work quickly and cost-effectively. Our document pool ranges from general compliance documents such as codes of conduct, RL CMS organisation, management resolutions, RL benefits to specific areas such as RL case management, RL internal reporting office, RL supply chain due diligence.

Complete package including whistleblower system on request.

The subsequent assumption of the task of an external compliance officer - if necessary limited to the start-up phase - is possible.

Our competences: three certifications as Compliance Officer (Steinbeis), two certifications as Compliance Auditor (TÜV), one Healthcare Compliance Officer (HCO), two Data Protection Officers (TÜV), one Data Protection Auditor (TÜV), one Data Protection Manager, one Money Laundering Officer.

The magazine FOCUS has named FS-PP Berlin as a TOP business law firm 2021 in the area of compliance. This is based on recommendations from in-house lawyers and attorneys.



Dr. Rainer Frank