Today, the environment as the natural basis of human life is comprehensively protected under criminal law. In the 29th section of the StGB - offences against the environment - on the one hand the unlawful violation of the environmental media water in § 324 StGB, air in § 325 StGB and soil in § 324 a StGB are made punishable. On the other hand, environmentally hazardous acts such as handling hazardous waste in Section 326 StGB, operating hazardous installations in Section 327 StGB and handling radioactive and other hazardous substances in Section 328 StGB are punishable if they are carried out without official permission. Various administrative offences are regulated in the environmental laws.

Negligence is sufficient for criminal liability in environmental criminal law

The boundaries between permissible and punishable actions can easily be crossed. Negligently exceeding a limit value in a permit notice can be a criminal offence. A negligent failure to implement the current state of safety technology at a facility or in a process can be an administrative offence.

Expertise and experience - also in dealing with supervisory authorities

Advising and defending in environmental criminal cases and environmental administrative offences requires not only knowledge of the specific criminal offences but also expertise in environmental administrative law. As defence lawyers and advisors in environmental criminal cases, the lawyers at FS-PP Berlin have the specialist knowledge and experience - and also in the inevitable contact with the supervisory authorities.

Lectures on environmental liability law and environmental criminal law for employees and managers

Lectures on the liability of employees and managers in environmental criminal law and environmental offences law are regularly held in companies. They also deal with legally secure behaviour in dealing with law enforcement agencies and environmental authorities. Many years of lecturing have given rise to a special knowledge of this particular area of law.



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