We provide comprehensive advice to companies, authorities and natural persons in connection with parliamentary investigation committees (PUA). The two founding partners of FS-PP Berlin, Dr Frank and Dr Auffermann, have been security cleared in accordance with Section 10 of the Security Investigations Act (SÜG) since 2016. Both may be granted access to classified information classified as 'top secret' due to the extended security clearance with security investigations ("Ü3").

The range of advisory services includes accompanying and advising witnesses during questioning in the investigative committee, in particular clarifying obligations to produce evidence, rights to refuse to testify and rights to refuse to provide information.

FS-PP Berlin was active in an advisory and accompanying capacity in the following committees of enquiry, among others:

  • Wirecard Investigation Committee
  • Corona Committee of Inquiry (Brandenburg State Parliament)
  • BND Committee of Inquiry (Afghanistan)



Dr. Niklas Auffermann

Dr. Rainer Frank