The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) has adopted a zero-tolerance approach towards the infringement of laws and the breaching of mandatory rules, and specifically towards violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, mobbing and other forms of serious misconduct towards fellow employees. Even so, there may be occasions where employees feel that they have been unfairly treated, discriminated against or harassed, or where they witness inappropriate conduct towards their colleagues or other violations of laws or rules.

FNF has appointed Dr Rainer Frank and Dr Leonie Lo Re as external contact point and the Foundation’s attorneys-of-trust. They are mandated to receive confidential tip-offs regarding misconduct or other violations of laws and regulations from FNF staff members or business partners who wish to submit such information.

Individuals who submit such tip-offs in good faith will not be disadvantaged as a result of doing so.

The mandate of the external contact point is restricted to receiving information about criminal offences, administrative offences (misdemeanours) and other significant violations of laws or rules. The external contact point is not a general complaints department for employees or business partners.

The attorneys-of-trust are also mandated and authorised to provide FNF employees with information about compliance-related issues if they wish to receive such information under the special rules of confidentiality that govern attorney-client relationships.


Individuals wishing to contact Dr Rainer Frank or Dr Leonie Lo Re are encouraged to use the dedicated telephone number and e-mail address indicated below. Personal meetings can be arranged by appointment.

Individuals who would like to make a formal complaint and who are still undecided are reminded that contacting the external contact point is risk free. Even after making contact, individuals making a formal complaint can choose to request the attorneys to maintain silence or to only forward the tip-off anonymously.

Individuals who make a formal complaint are immediately provided with an acknowledgment of receipt. Within a period of no more than three months, they are also provided with feedback on what actions were taken in response to their tip-off and what the outcome was.

The attorneys are authorised representatives of FNF. They may under no circumstances provide legal advice that runs contrary to FNF’s interests. However, they are mandated to explain to the individual making a formal complaint internal procedures to be initiated in response to their information.

FS-PP BKMS® system available for extra security

Individuals who would like to make a formal complaint also have the option of using the FS-PP BKMS® system to make contact. The BKMS® system is an internet-based communication system widely used by large companies and organisations as well as police departments. It is highly secure and makes it impossible to trace tip-offs back to their origins. The FS-PP BKMS® system assures whistle-blowers of the highest levels of security.

The FS-PP BKMS® system allows individuals who would like to make a formal complaint to create a protected mailbox through which they can safely communicate with the attorneys, without having to identify themselves. Messages sent through the FS-PP BKMS® system are not traceable.

Link to the FS-PP BKMS® system for tip-offs with increased security 


Dr. Rainer Frank
Dr. Leonie Lo Re
0049 30 318685-933

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Please also read our data protection information on the FS-PP whistleblowersystem.

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