Establishing an effective compliance system is a legal obligation, which, if ignored, creates liability risks for both the company (corporate fines, association sanctions) and its executives. Simply setting up a Compliance Management System (CMS) is not enough; its effectiveness must constantly be checked and, whenever necessary, improved.

The specific range of services offered by FS-PP Berlin includes the development and implementation of Compliance Management Systems; we advise companies and organizations in the private and public sector on all compliance issues and serve as External Compliance Officers. Furthermore, we provide external legal ombudspersons / lawyers of confidence (m/f) for the confidential reporting of legal violations for various associations.

Our specialised lawyers have been certified as follows: three certifications as Compliance Officer (Steinbeis), two certifications as Compliance Auditor (TÜV), one as Healthcare Compliance Officer (HCO), two as Data Protection Officers (TÜV).