Dr Sebastian T. Vogel is a partner at FS-PP Berlin and head of the medical criminal law department of the boutique specialising in white-collar crime, compliance and data protection law. He defends individuals and is active in advising companies: in criminal corruption law, political criminal law, criminal offences committed by company employees and in administrative offence proceedings against companies.

A focus of his work and his specialisation at the same time are in medical criminal law and medical criminal law (allegations of negligent bodily harm and homicide, abortion, corruption, billing fraud, euthanasia and treatment abortion, transplant law). In particular, the firm leads the way with him in defending against criminal allegations of medical malpractice, errors of disclosure, diagnostic errors and errors in diagnosis. He defends and advises doctors, nurses, hospitals and their management staff, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, start-ups.

In these fields, Dr Sebastian T. Vogel regularly publishes articles in legal and medical publications and is an editorial member of the Zeitschrift für Medizin-Ethik-Recht (ZfMER).

In addition to criminal defence and pre-trial counselling (Dr. S. T. Vogel is a certified Healthcare Compliance Officer), Dr. Sebastian T. Vogel represents physicians and all other health professionals in professional proceedings before the Medical Association, the Dental Association, the Chamber of Psychotherapists, etc., as well as before professional courts, and also in disciplinary proceedings before the KV and in proceedings under licensing law when the suspension or revocation of the licence to practise medicine is threatened.

LEGAL500 Germany states in 2022 that the law firm FS-PP Berlin enjoys "an excellent reputation for its medical and medical criminal law practice" and is "particularly visible in medical and medical criminal law matters". Already in 2019, LEGAL500 singled out Dr Sebastian T. Vogel by name "for his expertise in medical criminal law and medical criminal law".

Dr Sebastian T. Vogel has been a lecturer in medical criminal law and medical liability law at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg since the summer term of 2016 as part of the interdisciplinary medical ethics law course. From the summer term of 2021, he will teach at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg on psychology in criminal proceedings and from the summer term of 2022 on the practice of medical criminal proceedings. He also held a lectureship in criminal procedure law at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, HWR) for three years in the department of police and security management as part of police officer training (senior service).

Due to his focus on procedural psychology, Dr. Sebastian T. Vogel acts primarily at the level of the preliminary and intermediate proceedings in order to avoid main hearings. He also knows how to read main hearings. His jurisprudential approach goes hand in hand with his additional focus on appeal law and the law of constitutional complaints (federal constitutional complaints and state constitutional complaints), especially with regard to coercive measures in criminal proceedings (searches, taking blood samples, arrest warrants, etc.) and criminal sentences. He writes legal opinions for companies, especially (but not exclusively) in the health sector.

Dr Sebastian T. Vogel was born in Merseburg in 1984. After graduating from the Domgymnasium Merseburg in 2003, he studied law at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg from 2004 to 2008. He completed his studies with a good grade. In 2012, he was awarded a doctorate on a topic related to medical criminal law. He completed his legal traineeship in Berlin, including at the Ethics Commission of the State of Berlin and, with one stop, at the Naumburg Higher Regional Court. Dr Sebastian T. Vogel passed the second state law examination in 2013 with an overall grade of good. He was a judo referee with the highest German licence for many years and holds the 3rd Dan.