Our lawyers at FS-PP Berlin serve as external legal ombudspersons and lawyers of confidence and help prevent and uncover cases of corruption, criminal offenses and other legal violations in, from and against companies or organizations.

Our Services

  • Reliable representation by the partners of our specialized law firm
  • Guaranteed availability, quick responsiveness and prompt processing of reports
  • Set-up of special communication channels for whistleblowers: telephone hotlines, e-mail addresses and client-specific information on our website
  • Trained office staff that is familiar with the relevant tasks
  • Expert review of incoming information to filter out unimportant material and data that should not be documented by the whistleblower system (general complaint management, data protection)
  • Professional identification and evaluation of the facts based on our expertise in criminal law and criminology (probable cause, assessment of credibility)
  • Processing all information in a way that allows direct decision-making
  • Legal advice on and assistance with all further internal measures
  • Ensuring data protection (EU-GDPR)
  • Development, installation and auditing of CMS according to the needs of the company / organization
  • Identification of the client's specific compliance risks
  • Standardized or individual reporting according to the client’s needs

New Service: BKMS® System

Since 2018, FS-PP Berlin has been equipped with the BKMS® System, a certified, secure system that guarantees confidentiality and anonymity between potential whistleblowers and the commissioned ombudspersons / lawyers of confidence.